Centre d’Essais Roger Ben Aïm by IFTS : what will it look like?

The Roger Ben Aïm Test Center is a unique test platefrom to assess the performances of Water Treatment systems that will start operations at the end of 2018. In the meantime, let’s see what it will look like!

The Roger Ben Aïm Test Center is located in Rouquet area in Agen, near the Pont-Canal, the famous bridge over the Garonne river.

The building is designed to the specific constraints that apply to flood-prone areas : it will be built on stilts.

The ground floor, that features a parking area and the delivery zone, can accomodate containerized skids, with all the required supplies to perform tests. 

The basement will feature recovery ands neutralization tanks, to control all effluents before they are returned to the treatment plant, and storage tanks, dedicated to rain or drinking water. 

The upper level features the analysis laboratory, offices, one meeting room, a mechanical workshop and the hall dedicated to experiments on water treatment systems (with lift). Up to 3 test campaigns can be carried at the same time.

In order to have a better control of the temperature inside the building and not to create a heat island in the area, the Roger Ben Aïm Test Center will feature a green roof.

Who are the funders of the building?

Agglomération d’Agen makes a financial contribution of 75 000 € , Région Nouvelle Aquitaine and FEDER fund participate to an amount of 375 000 euros. The remaining portion is self-financed by IFTS. The total cost for the project amounts to 1.5 M€.