The whole story behind the creation of Roger Ben Aïm test center, a unique center for Research, experimentation and validation of processes, located near Agen.

IFTS, that is located on a hill near Agen, launched the idea in 2013 to develop its activities through offering new skills and solutions. Back then, the idea was to acquire new test means, focusing on membrane separation techniques evaluation.

Thanks to the support of the Region (Aquitaine at that time, Nouvelle-Aquitaine today) and local authorities (Département de Lot-et-Garonne), IFTS already had in its labs the appropriate means to perform fine characterization of solutes and membrane porous materials.

But there was a strong will to test water treatment equipment in conditions that would be representative of industial practice, in particular in terms of flow rate. This implied to develop new capabilities and this is what gave birth to the project of a flexible test plateform, that would be located on a site giving access to all types of water. 

The Roger Ben Aïm Test Center emerges in Agen

Jean Dionis du Séjour, mayor of Agen and Chairman of Agglomération d’Agen (conurbation authority), and Mr Henri Tandonnet, vice-Chairman of Agglomération d’Agen and, at that time, Senator of Lot-et-Garonne of the National committee for Water, encouraged this idea. With their support, IFTS acquired land at Rouquet, in Agen. The place offers stategic advantages as it is located between the drinking water plant and the waste water treatment plant for Agen conurbation. This new test center will be supplied with both waste and drinking water, which is a key asset to conduct large scale experiments on waste water and drinking water treatment solutions, for the benefit of manufacturers, water treatment specialists or as part of research programs.

This project is made possible thanks to the support of Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine, chaired by Mr. Alain Rousset, and of Agglomération d’Agen. 

A fantastic opportunity for manufacturers

The Roger Ben Aïm Test Center represents  great oppotunities for manufacturers seeking the validation of innovative solutions.

  • The status of IFTS, a non-profit organization (Loi 1901) with open governance, is a pledge for independence.
  • The representativity of tests made on real waters.
  • The recognition of results provided by IFTS that is known worldwide for implementing accurate and validated test methods.

The Roger Ben Aïm Test Center is named after the founder of IFTS, University Professor with international reputation in the fields of water, filtration and membrane science. Although he retired, Roger Ben Aïm still acts as a scientific advisor for IFTS.

Types of Water available :

  • Water from the Garonne river
  • Deep well water
  • Flocculated raw water
  • Settled water, before treatment on sand and activated carbon
  • Sand and activated carbon filters backwash water
  • Raw waste water
  • Treated water out of the waste water plant
  • Pre-treated water (sieved, free from sand and oil)