Roger Ben Aïm Test Center : Presentation

The Roger Ben Aïm Test Center is a research and experimentation station that will assess the behavior of pilots and industrial equipment on real waters of different characteristics. The station will be connected to the water coming out of different works from two “drinking water” and “waste water” sectors. The Roger Ben Aïm Test Center will be adjacent to the Garonne and the lateral canal to the Garonne, an extension of the Canal du Midi (which together form the “two seas channel” between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean).

The test center is emerging from the ground now and gaining a foothold ! Visit our photo gallery to see the progress of the work step by step. For any service request, contact us now:

User guides - Water : innovation to meet environmental challenges

Water and its quality is an essential factor in our environment and plays a strategic role in climate change. Hence the idea of ​​devoting a lot of attention to it in the regions. A unique center in Europe will thus be created in Lot-et-Garonne to objectively test all the innovations related to water treatment. The Perigord Limousin natural park, for its part, has implemented innovative techniques for erasing ponds to address the problem of pollution of groundwater. Finally, water can be a renewable energy source thanks to tidal turbines installed both in Bordeaux and in rural Guyana. © TV7 Bordeaux




Jean Dionis du Séjour, president of Agglo d’Agen and Vincent Edery present the Roger Ben Aïm Test Center to the journalists on April 30, 2018 …

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Vincent Edery presents the Roger Ben Aïm Test Centre to the press on the construction site on April 30, 2018. At the end of 2018, the Roger Ben Aïm Test Centre …

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